Worldwide Issues with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

Worldwide Issues with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram:

The Social Networking Services Facebook and Instagram and the Messaging and Connecting Service WhatsApp are experiencing issues to not run smoothly for Users in the whole including Asian Countries. This is one of the worldwide issues.

At that time, You cannot refresh the news feed of Facebook and Instagram due to this technical issue in these applications. The Messages on WhatsApp are not sent and received now. As You know that the Facebook owns WhatsApp and Instagram. Therefore, Facebook has tweeted on Twitter they are facing issues.

But The Company did not reveal the exact issue of what is happening. They admit it was a technical issue. Andy Stone tweeted today about this Issue “They are working to get things back to normal”.

Facebook from their Official Twitter Account tweeted the following Statement.

We are aware that Some People are having trouble to Accessing Facebook Application and Other Our Products. We are working to get back things to normal as quickly as possible, And We Apologize for any inconvenience“.

Hope That “Facebook and their Team will recover this Issue Instantly or in less time”.

Worldwide Issues with Facobook, WhatsApp, Instagram
Worldwide Issues with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

To Get More Details and Announcement about this Issue. Keep in contact with Facebook Through their Twitter Account

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