Why People Don’t Adapt to New Changes (05 Reasons)

New Changes:

The World is changing very fast and we are witnessing disruption every few years and when all the other sectors. And Hence, It is very necessary to adapt to changes. But it has been felt that the majority of the population hesitate to change due to which they don’t accept change easily. In this blog, We are going to discuss Why People hesitate to accept the changes that are occurring.

Reasons Why People Don’t Adopt new Changes:

Change Create Uncertainty:

The future of any change may create uncertainty when it is in its beginning phase. So People fear that if they accept the change and it does not work Then they may end up losing their Time and Money. Even the advantages outnumber the disadvantages. The Majority of People don’t accept it because this is How human has evolved when the focus is more on avoiding loss. Even if the upside is very high.

Habit Once formed is difficult to Change:

Neurons are located in the habit-forming region fire at the beginning of new behavior. That makes it difficult to make or break a habit or behavior.

We focus only on Negative News:

We are surrounded by negative news about the change due to which we don’t accept the change. This is because many news reporters and channels show us only the negative side of the Change. The reason behind this is the TRP of the channel. Because when the fear is installed in the mind of people then they watch it more curiously.

Lack of Awareness:

The majority of the People don’t adjudicate themselves about the new change happening in the world. And rely on facts of social media posts and others’ opinions. Hence, They get misguided about the new changes.

People Fear Being Different:

If someone accepts the change then a few people give their opinion about them. And almost everyone has a negative opinion on the change the person has accepted. So to avoid the opinion of massive people don’t take steps to accept the change.

These are some reasons due to which many people fear to accept the change.

New Changes/New Changes…..

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