Why Humans have Different Skin Colors?

As You Know that the People have different Skin Colors. Some People have Dark and some have Fair Colour. Today In this Blog, we will learn about Why Different Humans have Different Skin Colors.

Why Humans Have Different Skin Colors?

We have Different Skin Colors because of a pigment called Melanin. And also due to Ultraviolet Radiations from the Sun.

What is Melanin?

Melanin is a Natural Skin Pigment. It protects our Skin from Ultraviolet rays of Skin. People with Darker Skin have more Melanin in their skin as compared to Fair Skin People. Melanin is Created by Cells called Melanocytes.

Millions of Year Ago People living near the Equator received a lot of Sunlight and Ultraviolet Radiations from Sun. And These Ultraviolet Radiations are actually absorbed by our Skin to Produce Vitamin D. But Excess Radiations can damage our Skin Cells. Because of that, the Skin of these People produces more melanin to block the excess ultraviolet radiations. In this Way, Over Time Passing, These Peoples and their generations Adapted to have a higher level of Melanin in their Skin That makes it Darker.

On the Other Side, People living away from the Equator receive less Sunlight and Less Ultraviolet Radiations. In Order to Absorb less Ultraviolet Radiations and produce the Essential Vitamin D. These People and their Generations adapted to have a lower level of Melanin. That’s Why their Skin Color is lighter or Fair than those who are living near the Equator.

According to Geographical Regions, Peoples have Different Colors in different Areas. For Example: In South Africa and WestIndies, More People have Darker Skin Tones. and In America or Canada, Most People have Fair Skin Color.

Your Skin color works for your Skin’s Protention from excess Ultraviolet radiations coming from the Sun.

The Discrimination on Basis of Skin Color is not Worth it”.

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Why Humans have Different Skin Colors?
Why Humans Have Different Skin Colors?

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