Top 05 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels.

Top 05 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels.

Hi, Welcome to this Blog TechyPunch. As you all know that the Many Peoples are earning and generating a huge income a whole world by making Videos. You can also earn money by making Videos and Posting them on Youtube. Youtube is like the Search Engine for Videos. You can find videos on any topic by Searching in the search bar of Youtube.

Youtube is full of Information. Video Creators make the Youtube Channel and then Upload Videos on Youtube. For doing this all Youtube pays a good income to the video creators through their Channel. People are Earning Millions and Billions of Dollars as a monthly income from Youtube.

In this article, We will discuss the Top 05 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels that Earn a lot of money from Youtube.

Top 05 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels:

T Series:

T Series (Youtube Channel is at the Number 01 Position) in Top Most Subscribed Youtube Channels. T Series is an Indian Music Company. That was established in 1983 and the founder of the T Series is Gulshan Kumar. It was formerly known as Bollywood Music Soundtracks and Indian Pop Music.

T Series uploads Music-related videos like all the Bollywood Songs are available on this Youtube Channel. This Channel falls in the category of Music. The Language of the T Series is HINDI. The Song Videos of this Channel comprises only 3-4 Minutes.

There are 195+ Million Subscribers of the T Series at that time. Which are increasing after every minute. This Youtube Channel is on the Top of Youtube in Subscribers and Viewers. This Company Earns A lot of Million Dollars from its Single videos bases on Views on Videos.

CocoMelon-Nursery Rhythms:

CocoMelon is an American Youtube Channel. That was formerly known as ThatMEon TV and ABC Kids TV. This Youtube Channel was created for Entertainment. The Most of the Videos of CocoMelon are for Kids.

They are trying to Educate Kids with Poems or Stories in Song Rhythms or in Music tones. They create mostly videos of about 35-40 Minutes. This Youtube Channel falls in the Category of Entertainment and Educating Kids.

There are 119+ Million Subscribers on the Youtube Channel of CocoMelon-Nursery Rhythms. This American Company also creating a huge revenue for making Videos on Youtube on the basis of their Youtube Views. This YT Channel ranks at 2nd Position in Top 05 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels after T Series.


SET INDIA is generally a Hindi Entertainment Channel of India that provides complete family Entertainment to their Audience or Viewers. Basically, It’s a TV (Television Channel) which was established in 1995. It is and was owned by Sony Pictures India.

Set India Youtube Channel ranks at 3rd Position in the Top Most Subscribed Youtube Channels. This Youtube Channel also falls in the category of Entertainment. They Upload Videos like Dramas, Programs, Dance Programs, Singing Programs, etc. This Channel is Mostly viewed in India.

There are 116+ Million Subscribers on the Youtube Channel SET INDIA. This Youtube Channel also generates a huge Income from Youtube by creating and Uploading Videos.


PewDiePie is a Swedish Youtube Channel. That was built by the Single Man. Here is No Company behind this Man. I think Behind This Channel, There are only two Persons one in PewDiePie and another the Video Editor for his Youtube Channel.

His Actual Name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg But he knows better with PewDiePie. He makes videos on Gaming and Comedy. His Main Niche of Youtube to Creating Videos is Gaming. He makes videos with playing games. He is a Good Gamer also. He makes his channel on his nickname.

There are 110+ Million Subscribers on the Youtube Channel of PewDiePie. His Videos are in the English Language. He Earns a lot of Revenue from Youtube Income. He is to be a Billionaire in Dollars in a few weeks.

Kids Diana Show:

Kids Diana Show is one of the cutest, educational, entertaining Youtube Channels. It is a Ukrainian Youtube Channel. In this Channel, Two Cute Kids Roma and Diana play and doing experiments, etc. Kids like this Channel a lot. Many Children are watching them a whole day because of their Ideas.

It is the most Subscribed Youtube Channel in Ukraine and the Largest channel for kids in the world. They are making videos of Entertaining, Playing with toys, and Adventures.

There are 84+ Million Subscribers of this Youtube Channel at that time which are growing with time. They are passing fun times and also generating huge revenue from their Youtube Channel with the help of their Parents (Especially their Father who is very supportive of them).

So These are the Top 05 Most Subscribed youtube Channels. You can also make videos on Youtube and earning a lot from Youtube.

Most Subscribed youtube Channels.

Top 05 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels
Top 05 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels

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