Top 05 Highest Paying IT related Jobs

IT Related Jobs

Now In the days of Pandemic and Lockdown, many Businesses go Online. A Huge Population of Students studying Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Information Technology. Nowadays IT Industry is growing day by day. There is much potential in this Field. If You are also a Student of Information Technology or You want to become a Computer Scientist. Or If you have an interest in Online Earning. In this article, I will guide you about the Top 05 Highest Paying IT Related Jobs in the World. [Top 05 Most Subscribed Youtube Channels]

Top 05 Highest Paying IT Related Jobs:

  • Blockchain Developer:

As the Blockchain developer develops the Applications using the blockchain Architecture and its Protocols. You must have heard about the Blockchain after the sudden rise and popularity of Cryptocurrency.

Companies like IBM, Coinbase, Oracle, Bosch are hiring Blockchain developers for work. And also there are 30,000+ Jobs are Available for Blockchain developers in the market right now. The Average Salary of Blockchain developers is 1,20,000 US Dollars ($).

There are many Jobs Opportunities for Blockchain Developers to Earn a Huge Income in his Life if he is a Good Blockchain Developer.

  • Digital Marketing Manager:

Every Aspect of Businesses being Marketed Online right now. It has become one of the Integral parts of a Business. The Covid-19 Pandemic has made the Digital Marketing Industry a Trillion Dollars Industry and has opened so many Opportunities for Youth and Digital Marketers.

The Companies Like Amazon, Alibaba, OLA, Genpact, Iquanti hire Digital Marketers for marketing. Now You can Earn a lot of money by doing Social Media Marketing on Facebook Ads or on Google Adwords. The Average Salary of a Digital Marketer is almost 1,24,000 US Dollars ($).

This is one of the best Highest Paying IT Related Jobs in the Online and Offline Market.

  • Full Stack Developers:

Full Stack Development is one of the most sorted out Profiles in the IT Industry. As You Know Right Now Every Single Company has a Website, Every Single Company has a Mobile Application that why there is the spike of required Full-Stack Developers.

Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, SAP are hiring Full Stack Developers. Full Stack Developers can also earn a lot of income through online working on freelance marketplaces. If You are a Good Full Stack Developer You can earn almost 1,10,000 US Dollars ($).

  • Cyber Security Engineers:

The main responsibility of a Cyber Security Engineer is to make sure that the Data and Systems of the Company are Secure. At that time Due to an increase in the number of companies are shifting from locals to Clouds Market. They need more Professionals in order to secure the data and the networks which are created on the Cloud. That’s Why There is an Increase in Jobs in the field of Cyber Security.

The Companies are hiring Cyber Security Engineers like Mercedes, Benz, Intel, Hotstar, Samsung, etc. The Average Salary of Cyber Security Engineers in the Market is almost 1,26,000 US Dollars ($). It is also one of the best Highest Paying IT Related Jobs in worldwoide.

  • Data Analyst:

The Data Analysts design Data Systems and Databases. 80% of Work-related to Data in the IT Industry is done by the Data Analyst. Essentially there is no requirement for learning Programming Languages to become Data Analyst.

Like These Companies are hiring Data Analysts are Honeywell, Goldman Sachs, Wipro, Microsoft, etc. The Average Salary of a Data Analyst is almost 70,000 US Dollars ($).

So these are the Top 05 Highest Paying IT Related Jobs in the World.

Top 05 Highest paying IT Related Jobs
Top 05 Highest paying IT Related Jobs

If You want to Learn any of the Mentioned Above Skills You can Search on Google or Youtube.



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