Top 05 Fastest Cars in the World

If You are Carz Lover and you have a big craze for Fastest Cars. If you are a fan of Speed and Sports Cars , you are Landed on the exact right page. In this article, I Will introduce you to the Top 05 Fastest Cars in the World.

Many of us have a huge craze for Cars and want to know about the best and fastest cars that are available in the World. The Reason behind Sports is that It looks more beautiful than other cars. Therefore, the Car Lovers mostly attract towards the Sports Cars. There are many fast-moving cars in the world. But I Will tell you about the Best and the Top 05 Fastest Cars in the World. [Top 10 Militaries in the World]

Top 07 Fastest Cars in the World:

  • SSC TUATARA (316 MPH):


  1. Engine: 5.9-Liter Flat-Plane Crank V-8 
  2. Horsepower: 1750 Horsepower
  3. Torque: 1280 Pound-feet
  4. 0-60MPH: 2.5 Seconds
  5. Weight: 2750lb (1247 KG)
  6. Top Speed: 316 MPH
  7. Price: 16.5 Million $(US Dollars)
  8. Production: 100

The SSC Tuatara is a sports car designed, developed, and manufactured by American automobile manufacturer SSC North America (formerly Shelby SuperCars Inc.). SSC is still anxious to prove that the SSC Tuatara is the fastest car in the world. This Car is Ranked in the Top 1st Position in the World Fastest Cars. The car is the successor to the Ultimate Aero and is the result of a design collaboration between Jason Castriota and SSC.

The SSC Tuatara is one of the most capable cars on sale today. Later in the video (at around the 9:38 mark), we’re given a ride inside the Tuatara as it’s unleashed on the open runway.  It is the Fastest Car in the World Nowadays. There, it’s able to hit a maximum speed of 242 mph before running out of room. Flat out, SSC claims the Tuatara can eclipse 316 MPH.



  1. Engine: quad-turbo, 8.0-liter W-16
  2. Horsepower: 1,578 horsepower
  3. Torque:1,180 pound-feet
  4. 0-60MPH: 2.6 seconds
  5. Weight: 2750lb (1247 KG)
  6. Top Speed: 304 mph
  7. Price: $3.8 million$(US Dollars)
  8. Production: 38

The new SuperSport version of the Bugatti Chiron has 1577 horsepower and reaches a claimed 273 MPH. It’s similar to the super Sport 300 car that was created to commemorate the record-breaking 300-MPH Chiron. The Chiron Super Sport costs around $3.9 million, and deliveries will start in 2022. This Car comes with 4 Silencers which is also a good point.

The standard Bugatti Chiron is already among the fastest cars in the world with a top speed of around 261 mph, but the French firm wanted to set a new record, so it created an even more potent beast. Bugatti Chiron Super Sports ranked on the 2nd Position in the World ranking of Fastest Cars. It is the dream car of every person who can or can’t afford it.

The Look of Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is much beautiful than every car in the World. This is the dream car of every Sports Lover and Sports Cars Lover.



  1. Engine: twin-turbo, 7.0-liter V-8
  2. Horsepower: 1,244 horsepower
  3. Torque: 1,155 pound-feet
  4. 0-60MPH: 2.7 seconds
  5. Top Speed: 270 mph
  6. Price: $1.2 million
  7. Production: 13

The Venom GT was introduced in 2014 and remained in production until 2017. Despite the seemingly long run, only 13 cars were built. The look of this sports car is much beautiful as you can imagine. Venom Gt Company put almost all their efforts to create this engine and Look. Based on the Lotus Exige, the extensively modified Venom GT features a twin-turbo, 7.0-liter V-8 engine under the hood. Based on General Motors’ LS7 V-8, the unit pumps out up to 1,244 horsepower and 1,155 pound-feet of torque.

The Hennessey Venom GT design is based on the lotus and exide &. The Venom GT is created from a base Lotus Elise / Exige and utilizes components including but not limited to the roof, doors, side glass, windscreen, dash, cockpit, floorpan, HVAC system, wiper and headlights. Hennessey Performance and the Venom GT are not associated with Lotus Cars. This unit of  Venom GT  is ranked in the top 03 fastest vehichles in the world. 

This is also the dream car of the sports car lovers. I also have wish to get these type of cars in the future Inshallah. When I can Afford it. The Look of that Vehicle is amazing. The Shinny surface of Greyish colour in this Cars also attracts me more towards itself.

Thanks Venom GT for introducing this type of vehicles to us.



  1. Engine: twin-turbo, 5.0-liter V-8
  2. Horsepower:1,124 horsepower
  3. Torque: 885 pound-feet
  4. 0-60MPH: 2.7 seconds
  5. Top Speed: 260 mph
  6. Price: $1.57 million
  7. Production: 18

Due to the car’s design and limited production numbers, the Koenigsegg Agera has a retail price of $1.5 million  While owning an Agera in the U.S. is not illegal, the car does not meet certain federal standards.

This makes it illegal to drive on American streets. Enhancements included: visible carbon on the front bonnet and bumper, new front side winglets, an all-new Aero exhaust, increased engine power with a raised RPM limit.

The Agera R built upon the features and functionality of the Agera with new, unique solutions to enhance both performance and visual appearance even further.

The Koenigsegg Agera R was produced between 2011 and 2014. 18 examples of the Agera R were produced during that time. The Agera R built upon the features and functionality of the Agera with new, unique solutions to enhance both performance and visual appearance even further.

The Agera R also saw the debut of Koenigsegg’s own ceramic piston brake system.

In 2011, the Agera R set a new world record for driving 0-300-MPH. The time of 21.19 seconds was only eclipsed in 2015 by the Koenigsegg One:2.

For More Details about AGERA R CLICK HERE



  1. Engine: twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V-8 hybrid
  2. Horsepower: 1,035 horsepower
  3. Torque: 848 pound-feet
  4. 0-60 KPH: 2.5 seconds (estimate)
  5. Top Speed: 250 mph 
  6. Price: $2.2 million
  7. Production: 106

 McLaren says that the Speedtail is able to hit 250 MPH, which makes it the company’s fastest vehicle yet. The Speedtail is McLaren’s first-ever

Hyper-GT. Our most aerodynamically efficient car ever. And the fastest McLaren to date. … Born out of the single-minded vision to create the most aerodynamically efficient car ever, there is an uninterrupted flow of air from nose to tail. However, the British firm has yet to release proof that the Speedtail is indeed capable of such speeds.

Because of this seating position and the fact that the car has cameras instead of side mirrors, the Speedtail is not road legal in the US. Customers will need to import it via the “Show or Display” law if they plan to put the pedal to the metal on local roads. This is the very Beautiful car in the world. The Shape of this fastest car is like an airplane. This is the HAHA Car. I like it so much. This is MACLERAN’s Fastest car.

To learn more about MACLAREN CLICK HERE 

Top 05 Fastest Cars in the World
Top 05 Fastest Cars in the World


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