How to Study If You are a Slow Learner

Study and Learn Faster:

Have you ever Struggled to learn something? Has it taken a longer period of time to figure out a Solution compared to everyone else? Don’t Worry, Because we all have Strengths and Weaknesses when it comes to learning things. Avoid thinking and Just focus on increasing the speed of your learning process. If you are still wondering what are things that you can do to speed up the learning process. Then read this article till the last line. Because in this article, We are going to tell you the 05 Ways on How you can increase your Learning Speed.

How to Study If you are a Slow Learner
How to Study If you are a Slow Learner

How to Study If You are a Slow Learner:

  • Figure Out Your Learning Style:

Some students are not fit for the Classroom style of Studying because of that they are labeled as Slow. Everyone is Smart but in just different ways. Every Student processes and learns new information in different ways. Students have 03 main cognitive learning styles.

  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Canesthetics

In the first method, Students prefer to learn visually. If you are one of those who prefer Visually then start using Graphs, Charts, and Visuals.

In the 2nd Method, Students prefer the information through Audio. If you fall in this Category then start playing music while Studying and Readout Loud.

In the 3rd type of Learning Style, Students process the information through doing Physical Activities. If you also fall in this Category then start Reading while walking and start the use of High-lighters.

  • Practice will make you Faster:

The second trick for speeding up your Learning is to plan repeated exposure to whatever you trying to learn but Just doing reviewing your easy Schools won’t do the trick. The highly effective technique is spaced repetition. In this technique, you have to study the tough material more often and the easier material less often. Stop using this technique while studying because it has been proven that Spaced repetition helps you to retain the information for a longer period of time.

  • Be Curios and Playful:

If you really want to Speed up your Learning Process then you have to be as curious as you can. Because being incurious will lead you to boredom and Boredom will lead you to Procrastination and drowsiness. In recent studies, It has been proven that curiosity has positive benefits of Learning and Performance. So, Start loving your studies and don’t think of learning as a burden. To become curious start watching videos on youtube to get extra knowledge.

  • Discipline is the Key:

A wise man said, “With Self-Discipline, almost anything is Possible”. It is a fact being a disciplined person helps you to stay focused and to reach your goals. So start dedicating your time Daily to studying no matter what happened. Just Sit for Studying daily for 21 Days. At first, you will not feel like Studying. But After 21 Days it will turn into your habit and you will become disciplined while Studying.

  • Use Multiple Sources for Studying:

Don’t be lazy in this information age. If one book does not explain the topic better then use the other book. There are a number of Youtube Channels on Youtube Whether same concepts are explained in different and easy manners. So don’t restrict yourself to your only School and College Lectures.

These are some tips that will make you Learn Speedly. 05 Ways on How to Study If you are a Slow Learner.

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