How to Increase Your Memory (05 Tips)

Increase Your Memory and Brain Power…

Many Students think that If they can increase their Brain Power then They can achieve and get good marks or Grades in Exams. If you also think so then don’t worry. In this article, we are going to provide you with 05 Tips that will help you to increase your Memory.

How to Increase Your Memory:

05 Tips that help you to increase your memory are mentioned below.

Use MNEMONIC Devices:

MNEMONIC Devices is a technique to remember information that is used by many Students. The best Mnemonics are Positive Image, Humour, and Novelty. So While Studying come the Rhyming Song, or a Joke to remember the information for a longer period of time.

Explore New Things:

Exploring new activities allows the brain to make new connections between the Neurons. Creating new Neural Pathways and allowing electric impulses to travel faster allowing with them. This allows you to learn more quickly, and effectively in the future. So Get some time to learn new things and boost your Memory.


It has been proven that the Students who meditate 20 Minutes for 04 Days show lower Stress levels as well as significant improvements in memory and cognition compared to the Students who don’t meditate.

Practice Mindfulness:

Do you watch TV or Scroll Social Media Apps while having food, Sing Songs while bathing, Or in your Old dream worldwide walking. If Yes, Then Stop doing this and only focus on the work you are doing. Like If you are eating then focus on only Eating, If you are walking then focus only on walking. And in this way, You can practice Mindfulness. It is not so easy, but as the saying goes “Practice makes the Man Perfect“. So Practice Mindfulness.


It seems weird. But in recent Studies, Scientist says that If you walk for just 15 Minutes then You will be much smarter than the average. In this Process, You not only improve your Physical Health but also your Mental Health.

These are the 05 Tips that can help you to increase your Memory.

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