How to Become more Productive (09 Tips)

How many of you decide to do a Particular task but forget to do that or just complain about not doing it? Do you angry with your Friends who study things quickly and do their work efficiently as compared to you. Do you wonder, How they complete such work in less time?

There are many people who are super productive and complete all the tasks given to them. They are habitual themselves to do things in such an efficient manner. If You are thinking about How they manage all these. In this article, I will show you 09 Tips on How to become more Productive.

How to become more Productive:

Following are the 09 Tips that will help you to be more productive in anything you do Maybe it your Studies, any Work, or Any task to be completed.

Make a To-do List:

Plan your day. Make a list of things that you aim to do in a whole day including everything (Your Study time, Break Time, Paying Bills, Going Out, and any Small Tasks) which you wish to do.

Plan for Related Task Together:

This helps in saving a lot of time. You are going to a nearby Store and Your Friend’s home is there and You have to collect the notes from Himself. Get that Notes or Anything on the Way. Plan your tasks accordingly. Set similar tasks together.

Focus on Important Task First:

In your list of to-do things, Focus on the most important task for first. Do most important tasks at the start of the day When Your Mind is fresh and you can pay complete attention to completing them. You must choose this task wisely and prioritize them.

For Example, You have your Maths and Economics Exams on the same day. So Which subject do you choose to do in the morning? One way to decide this is based on your preparedness and difficulty of the Subject. You know some parts of Economics and have not done for Maths then pick that for first. As It is Ideal to Study Theory Subject at the Start of the day and then practice Math.

Similarly, If you are a working professional, Pick that task that has a timeline for its completion or its difficulty.

Stay Focused:

Staying focused is the most important. What did you choose to do? Complete it with concentration you will realize by doing this You will be able to finish the task in less time than you thought of it. And for doing this You have to keep the Distractions away. Learn to Say No! Suppose you have to submit your Science Project and a friend asks you to join them at the birthday party. You should politely say No. Completing the Science project should be your Priority. You must learn to Say No to finish your task first.

Break Task into Smaller Pieces:

By doing this, you won’t feel overburdened plus you will complete the smaller tasks quickly and will be motivated to finish the rest of them. One must also stop Procrastinating. It is a very big task I will start it tomorrow. Remember on a thing You are the one who has to complete at the end of the day why to delay and do it under stress. Instead Plan to break into smaller tasks and complete them on time.

Take Short Breaks:

Everyone needs refreshment. Take Short breaks in between. Make Sure You don’t extend the time of Short Breaks. Do some stretching, Get fresh, Take a Round, come back and continue what you are doing.

Keep a Plan B ready:

This is crucial especially when you are starting a new project that you have not done it before. While You Plan to be ready for contingencies. Also, try to Plan B. So that You don’t panic and keep wondering what to do in such a situation.

Manage your Energy and Time:

Everyone speaks about Managing your time but Managing your Energy is equally important. If you are exhausted and can barely focus on your studies or work. How much you try You won’t be productive. So focus on peak hours when you are energetic and fresh and try to do more work in less time.

Do not Multitask:

This is a misconception that people have to be productive one have to Multitask. When you multitask you have to focus on two tasks at the same time or keep switching the focus and if you switch at any time, You have to refocus on what you are doing first. Multitasking can work in some situations when one task can be done manually like Cleaning and listening to audio. But Not when you have to do things that require equal focus or attention. So choose wisely while multitasking.

So Viewers these are the few tips that might be productive to plan your task better and complete your tasks efficiently. If that tip works for you on How to become more Productive. Kindly tell us in the comments.

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How to Become more Productive
How to Become more Productive

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