Convert Photos into WhatsApp Stickers & Send it to Anyone

WhatsApp Stickers Update:

As You all know that the Now WhatsApp is owned by META. WhatsApp is the most using Application for Instant Messaging in the World. Now WhatsApp introduces many funny and Interesting Features for their Users.

Now WhatsApp introduces a Feature named “Sticker Maker“. You can make the WhatsApp Sticker from any of your Pictures, or Friends, or Family Member pictures and send it to anyone. But This Feature is now available for only Web WhatsApp Users. This Feature is much helpful and Interesting for WhatsApp Web Users who use WhatsApp on their Desktop or Laptops.

By using this You can convert any picture into the WhatsApp Sticker. Convert any of Your Pictures into WhatsApp Sticker by following the steps mentioned below.

How to Convert Photos into WhatsApp Sticker?

Follow the mentioned below Steps to Convert Photos into WhatsApp stickers.

  • Save the Image on Your Desktop that you want to convert into Sticker.
  • Open the Web WhatsApp on your Desktop or Laptop.
  • Click on the Chat Window of that Person you want to Send Sticker.
  • Then Click on Attachments and Select Sticker Option.
  • Then pop-up shows on your Screen and Choose your Picture from the Exploring file.
  • After Choosing you can also make more changes with your Sticker like Adding Emoji, Adjusting Corner, Add Text, or Cropping an Image.
  • After doing that, Your WhatsApp Sticker is ready to send to anyone. Then click on the arrow button to send.
  • You can also send that Sticker to anyone by forwarding it.


This Feature will not turn your Photo into a Caricature. This will compress your Photo and make it low resolution Picture as a Sticker.

WhatsApp Stickers

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Convert Photos into WhatsApp Stickers & Send it to Anyone
Convert Photos into WhatsApp Stickers & Send it to Anyone

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