Android Apps can be Install in Windows 11

Android Apps can be installed in Windows 11:

As You know that the Microsoft launching its Windows 11 in the next month. Till Windows 10, We cannot install Android Applications is our Computers or Laptops. But Now the Microsoft added this Amazing Feature in Windows 11. Now Android Apps can be installed in Windows when Windows 11 will be launched officially by Microsoft. [When Microsoft Launches Windows 11]

But Hers is a Problem That We cannot Install Android Applications directly from the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. That’s no problem I will tell you its Solution.

How Android Apps can be Install in Windows 11:

We can Install Android Applications in Windows 11 through Amazon App Store and then be listed in the Microsoft Store and Then Can be Installed on Computers or Laptops.

When you are going to download an Android Application from Microsoft Store Then You will be redirected to Amazon App Store to fulfill and to complete the Process.

The Amazon App Store has been Spotted online on the Internet as an Application for Windows 11. At that time Amazon App Store is in Testing Phase and It will be launched after the launching of Windows 11.

Microsoft Statement:

The Statement of Microsoft About Windows 11 and the Installation of Android Apps is mentioned below.

“We are bringing Android Applications for the first time in Windows. Starting Later this Year, Users will be able to discover Android Applications in Microsoft Store and then download them through Amazon App Store.
We look forward to this partnership with Amazon and Intel using their Intel Bridge Technology”.

See Soon What the More Features Comes with Windows 11 in Microsoft. We are waiting for the Launching of Windows 11.

Android Apps can be install in Windows 11
Android Apps can be installed in Windows 11

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