05 Tips to Get Rid of Mobile Addiction

How to Get Rid of Mobile Addiction?

As we all know that Smart Phones are hugely productive tools. But the More Usage of Mobile Phones can interfere with Work, Academics, Studies, Also Relationships. Nowadays People are using Smart Phones more than they need. Especially Students and Childrens are attached all-time with Mobile Phones to Watching Movies, or Playing Games. Students are wasting much time by using Mobile Devices or other Gadgets.

It is Scientifically Proven, Addiction to Smart Phones can turn into a Phobia named NomoPhobia. It is the Word for fear and Anxiety to not having a Mobile Phone. The Mobile Addiction in the Children’s, Students, Adults, and as well as Aged Persons are increasing day by day.

I do not mean, You should not use Mobile Phone. At that time, In the 21st Century, Mobile Phone becomes necessary for everyone. There is a lot of Positive use of Mobile Phones. Mobile Phones play an important role in connecting anyone from anywhere with others. Additionally, Mobile Phones make life so easy. There are many ways to Earn Money from Mobile Phone or by using other Gadgets. But the Access use of Mobile Phone can damage your mental and body health.

I recommended you to Use Mobile-only when you need it. Don’t Use it too much because it is the bad habit to use Mobile Phone in front of parents. Instead of Using Mobile Phone Talk to your parents and buddies. Mobile Addiction is one of the Poor Addiction. If you are addicted to Mobile Phone then Don’t Worry. In this Article, I will give you the 05 Tips to get rid of Mobile Addiction.

Tips to Get Rid of Mobile Addiction:

Following are 05 Tips that will help you to overcome this “Mobile Addiction”.

Keep Your Phone Away for One Day:

This is one of the most common approach that many people uses when the need to break Mobile Addiction. Try to Set you Mobile Phone Aside for 01 Day.

Choose One day in a week and Keep your Mobile Phone Away from Yourself in that day. When you wants to get Mobile Free Then try a non working day like Saturday or Sunday. Repeat this Procedure Every week. And Eventually this will break your habit in few weeks.

Make Mobile Free Bedroom:

Many Peoples Just wastes their time by Using Mobile phone while going to Sleep in the bedroom. Try to keep the Mobile Phone away from the Bedroom.

It has been Scientifically Proven that the Lights Emits from the Mobile Phones damages your Eyes and Brain too. According to Research, The Blue Light which is emitted by Mobile Phone suppresses the Melatonin Harmone. This Hormone is responsible for controlling your Sleep Cycle.

But Still If you feel difficult to Sleep without Mobile Phone Then I recommended to you to adopt the habit of reading books at night.

Turn Off Push Notifications:

Whenever we see any notification from any Application or from any OTTP Platform. Beacuse of that we easily Distracted. The Simple way to cut down that distraction is to Turn Off Push Notifications of as many Applications as Possible.

How to turn off Push Notifications in Android Mobile Phones?

Just go the Settings of your Mobile Phone and turn off Push Notification from the toxic tempting Applications.

This Tip will help you a lot to get rid of this Mobile Addiction.

Replace SmartPhone with Healthier Activities:

Instead of Spending your time on Social Media or browsing Internet the useless things. Just Do some healthier Activities like Yoga, Exercise, Hobbies that will enhance you Skills.

Instead of Chatting on Social Media Meet your friends and eat something healthy together. Try to Reading Books and figure out in which skill you lacking and Improve it.

Curb your Fear of Missing Out:

Acknowledge that by Restricting to your Smart Phone. You probably going to missing out some breaking news, Certaing Invitations or a new talking. There is so much Information available on the Internet practically different to keep study over it.

Accepting this Liberty, And This will help you to break the Chain of Mobile Addiction.

These are the some tips that can helps you to over your Mobile Addiction.

Disadvantages of Mobile Addiction:

The Disadvantages of Mobile Addiction that are caused by over using of Phone are following.

  1. Wastage of Valuable time
  2. Waste of Money
  3. Cyberbullying
  4. Isolation in People
  5. Make you to think more Negative
  6. Anxiety
  7. Sleep Deficiency
  8. Health Problems
  9. Depression
  10. Shortness of Temper

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05 Tips to get rid of Mobile Addiction
05 Tips to get rid of Mobile Addiction

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