05 Tips! How to Increase Your Typing Speed

Typing Speed:

Nowadays, In the tenure of Information Technology and fasted development in Computer Industry. Almost Every Person want to work on Computer by sitting at home or Office to earn good money. The first necessary thing to work on a Computer is Typing. Your Typing Speed should be better for working on Computer Efficiently. If You are Friendly with the keyboard of Your Computer. Then You can do Work on Computer Efficiently.

Many people want to increase their Typing speed. Therefore, They Start Practicing on computers in the wrong way. Due to this, They cannot increase their typing speed. If you are one of them then Don’t Worry. In this article, We will provide you with 05 Tips that will help you to increase your typing speed.

05 Tips! How to Increase Typing Speed:

Basic Practice with Middle Row:

When You start learning about increasing typing Speed. You have to set your figures on the middle row of the keyboard. Put the fingers of your left hand on the A, S, D, and F letters respectively. Put the fingers of your Right hand on J, K, L, and ;(Semicolon). When you need to press the Space bar you have to press it with your Thumb. Keep Practicing this Basic Method for 2 Days. It will help you not to see your keywords. After some time, Your brain will remember that Your fingers are on these Keys.

Don’t See at Keyboard Again and Again:

While Typing You don’t have to see at Keyboard Again and Again. Even you can type slowly in the early days. But Try to Set your Eyes on Screen instead of Keyboard.

Anything you want to Type on computer. That should be in your mind. That will help your brain to remember which finger is on which key or letter. Typing is not only the work of your hands, It is the collaboration of your hands and your Mind.

Your brain sends instructions to your hands to type these letters.

Sitting Position:

It is a very important point to Increase Typing Speed. Because It is hard work of many hours to Increase Typing Speed. Try not to bend your neck or yourself towards KeyBoard or Computer. You should sit on a chair with back rest. And the Distance between your Eyes and the Screen of the Computer should be a minimum of 45cm.

You Elbow should be at almost 90 degrees with your hand’s position. Set the brightness of your computer according to your easiness. Excess or Less Brightness can provide Distress to your Eyes comfort.

Practice for All the Rows:

Start Practicing to all the Keys of a keyboard. You can adjust the fingers of your hands according to your easiness. Try to Work on Top, Middle, and Bottom Row together. Cover the letter of Top and Bottom Row with those fingers that I have mentioned in the 1st Tip with Middle Row. Try to Use the finger above that key and lower the Key. For Example: If You use the small finger of your left hand to type A. Try to Type Q, Z, and Shift also with this finger. The shift requires much time for use while typing on Computer.

Try to Write the following Sentence too many times because It has all the alphabets (A to Z). 
The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the lazy Dog“.

Don’t Get Frustrated While Typing:

Typing Violently, or Typing in Frustrated condition will not increase your Typing. But You will lose the Accuracy by Typing Frustrated. So, try to move your fingers lightly on Keyboard.

Cut down your Nails, And Don’t Try to type with your Nails. By doing this, You Typing Speed will not be increased.


This is my Recommendation to All of You not to talk with anyone while practicing typing Speed. If You Practice with your complete Concentration. You can Easily Increase your Typing Speed. Once, You are an expert in Typing. Then you can talk with anyone it will not disturbs you because You know perfectly about the placement of Letters of Keyboard.

Interesting Facts:

  1. In Word Type Writer, There is only Use of Top Row Alphabets.
  2. Research Prove that You use your left hand more than your right hand while typing.
05 Tips! How to increase Typing Speed
05 Tips! How to Increase Typing Speed

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If You want to become the Master of Typing or you want to Increase your Typing Speed at a high level then Install Software named Typing Master and Start Practicing on it.

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