05 Cool Android Features missing in iPhones

05 Android Features missing is iPhones
05 Android Features missing is iPhones

If You are an Android User and Want to Shift your iPhone, Then You can miss the following Android features in your iPhone. Or If You are an iPhone user and want to shift to Android Phones because of any reason, Then You will like the following features in Android. [

In This Article, I will elaborate to you about the 05 Cool Features of Android that iPhones are Missing. Now it’s the time to tell you the Cool and most useful features of Android Phones that are not found in iPhones.

05 Cool Android Features missing in iPhones:

  • Night Mode in Camera:

Basically, the Camera of the Iphones is always better than the comparing Android Phones. Apple didn’t compromise on the Camera of their latest and upcoming Phones. But iPhone lags behind in the camera department of Night Mode.

If you are using a good android Phone, You will miss the Night Mode of Camera on the iPhone. Night Mode is designed in the Popular Android Phones to improve the Low light Photography. It Means You can have your memories or Photos at the night with better quality with Night Mode on Android Phones. But Apple didn’t focusing on this Point. Apple should have to introduce Night Mode in the camera of their device.

Apple should introduce the Night Mode Camera Option in the next upcoming and latest Phones with more focus and larger lens. At the End If you are a popular Android User like Huawei, Samsung, One Plus or another quality Brand Then you will miss this Feature in your iPhone.

Hope Apple will add this Feature to its upcoming gadgets in Future.

  • Run with Multiple Users:

iPhones can not run multiple users in single device but the Android Phones have this Option.

For Example:

If a Family have single Apple Device and have two to childerns or users to use this Device. So there is no privacy between their accounts. They all have to use the single account. But on the Other Android Devices You can option to enable multipe accounts on the Single device for seperate use.

You may login your Gmail Account Seperately on the Mutual Device, But For the Apple Users You have login yours only single APPLE Id.

Jetzt vielleicht nicht mehr auf den iPhones, aber Apple sollte erwägen, Unterstützung für mehrere Benutzerkonten auf iPads hinzuzufügen.

Die Geräte sind jetzt mit viel Speicherplatz ausgestattet, bei iPads bis zu einem Terabyte. Es macht also absolut Sinn.

This is the Plus point of Android Phones over the iPhones.

  • Instant Application in Androids:

The Most Useful and Best Feature of Androids over iPhones is that The Google has added this instant Application viewer feature in the Android devices.

It means If You search on Google Play Store for any Application You have the Option to try the Application without downloading this on your Phone. If You are Satisfied with this Application You can Install this Immediately.

But on the Other Side, iPhone did not give such type of features in their phones. You can to install the Application first from the App Store then You can try this Application.

This is also the Plus Point of Android Features over the Apple. This is also the best Android Features that we misses in iPhones.

Das bedeutet, wenn Sie im Google Play Store nach einer Anwendung suchen, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, die Anwendung auszuprobieren, ohne diese auf Ihr Telefon herunterzuladen. Wenn Sie mit dieser Anwendung zufrieden sind, können Sie diese sofort installieren.

Aber auf der anderen Seite bot das iPhone keine solchen Funktionen in ihren Telefonen. Sie können die Anwendung zuerst aus dem App Store installieren, dann können Sie diese Anwendung ausprobieren.

  • Close All Recent Applications in Single Click:

Yes, This is also the Cool Features of Android Phones over the iPhones. It means When Use are using a lot of Application or Games in your Phone. After using that when you see about the recent used Applications.

In Android Phones You can move these All the Applications on the Side by only single Click like on the Cross or remove All. But In iPhones You have to remove these all the recent used Applications by cliking upward for the Single Application. If you are using many Applications It can take your alot of time to remove recent used Application.

When the Android User uses the iPhone, He will disturbs by this functions because he have the addict to remove all the Application in a single click. This is also the best Android Features that we misses in iPhones

In Android-Handys können Sie diese Alle Anwendungen auf der Seite mit nur einem Klick wie auf das Kreuz verschieben oder Alle entfernen. Bei iPhones müssen Sie jedoch alle zuletzt verwendeten Anwendungen entfernen, indem Sie nach oben für die einzelne Anwendung klicken.

Wenn Sie viele Anwendungen verwenden Es kann viel Zeit in Anspruch nehmen, die zuletzt verwendete Anwendung zu entfernen. Wenn der Android-Benutzer das iPhone verwendet, wird er durch diese Funktionen gestört, da er den Süchtigen hat, alle Anwendungen mit einem einzigen Klick zu entfernen.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity:

As You all know that the Apple did not connect its bluetooth with Any Android Phone. It can connects with only Apple Devices. But on the Other Hand, Android Phones can connect its bluetooth with any android device of any brand.

This is also the best Android Features that we misses in iPhones

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